Classical Chinese Daoist Medicine and Dreamwork - Holistic Approach to Today’s Most Challenging Health Problems
To schedule an appointment, please, go to Pay For Services page, pay for the service and then call, text, or e-mail us. Your health issues can not be discussed over the phone. You need to schedule an appointment and meet with a healthcare provider for a comprehensive medical evaluation in a strictly confidential environment. Please, do not leave messages in which you list your health issues and want somebody to call you back to discuss them. The information about Yelena and the services with all fees is on this website. Please, research the website before you schedule an appointment. If you still have a question before scheduling an appointment and did not find the answer on the website, you can e-mail

Because of absence of a wheelchair ramp, our office is not suitable for wheelchairs and for the clients who have difficulties using the stairs. Sorry for inconvenience!

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    Yelena's treatments are based on Ancient Daoist oral tradition of Healing Arts that is unique and not taught in modern Chinese Medicine schools. Your experience with Yelena will differ from modern standard Chinese Medicine treatments which are based on symptoms and diseases approach without understanding of the cause of the condition. In authentic Chinese Medicine we treat an individual with all complexity of his/her life, not a symptom or a disease. This is the only way to be healed. Yelena will help you to change your life by changing your consciousness. Changing your consciousness you will transform your present emotional, mental and physical state. 
   For those who do not live in New York State or prefer online sessions, Yelena offers Wellness Coaching through Skype. The sessions are based on Classical Chinese Medicine, Astrology, and Ancient Wisdom.
   Now insurance is accepted. Click here to view details.

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