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Community Acupuncture
     Yelena's community acupuncture sessions are unique and different from regular community acupuncture sessions. We will have no more than 2- 4 people in the group. The clients can create their own group and bring their friends and family members they feel comfortable with. We are going to have a group meditation in the beginning. After that every client is going to be treated in a separate room. The acupuncture session is private( in a separate room) but the price is  based on a community acupuncture model.
    Community Acupuncture provides an alternative way to private sessions acupuncture. Community Acupuncture treatments are just as effective as private ones, but much more affordable. Acupuncture works best when patients can come for treatments based on how often they need them rather than how often they can afford them. Community Acupuncture treatments occur in an open space with several people receiving treatment at the same time, similar to treatment practices in China.    
    It is my purpose to provide effective and affordable healthcare to people in a peaceful, community setting. My primary goal is to make acupuncture affordable enough for you to come as frequently as you need to, in order to get the best possible results. The benefits include lower prices and the ability for friends and family to be treated together. All patients benefit from the synergistic healing effects of the group treatment setting.
    Treatments take place in a peaceful group setting in reclining chairs or message tables depending on the purpose of the treatment. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing so you can roll up your pants and sleeves. 
     Prior to the group sessions, there will be an initial private session. We need to go through your medical history and complaints to establish a treatment plan for future group sessions. I will evaluate your health history performing a comprehensive diagnosis from Chinese Medicine perspective.

  The fee for the initial private session is $95( the regular price is $125)-60 to 75 minutes. It includes a private acupuncture treatment. Follow-up sessions are from 35 to 45 minutes.
    After the private session the payments are based on a sliding scale: $40-$55. Pay what you can afford, no questions asked.
    Since I’ve just started to offer a community acupuncture style and do not have groups yet, I encourage you to bring your friends or family members with you because I need a minimum of 2 people to offer this style of acupuncture.

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