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Acupuncture Treatments
The fee for acupuncture treatments is based on your insurance company fee schedule.
If you do not have an insurance coverage,the fee for acupuncture treatments is $125(initial consultation) and $95(follow-up).

Discounted packages (cash only) are available for those who have financial difficulties and need to come every week ($65) or every other week($75). The first initial treatment is $125. Then you will pay a discounted fee based on how often you come. Discount is valid only when you come every week ($65) or every other week($75).
When you start coming occasionally for maintenance the fee is $95.
Initial Treatment($125):
The session includes a comprehensive review of a patient’s medical history according to the principles of Chinese Medicine. The importance of this initial visit cannot be over-emphasized. Proper interpretation of a patient’s signs and symptoms coupled with Chinese Medicine diagnosis of eyes, tongue, and pulse are part of this visit. One’s life style, dietary and nutritional recommendations, depending on a body type, are going to be discussed. The initial consultation fee includes the first acupuncture treatment session.

All Follow-up Visits($95):
The sessions include an evaluation of signs and symptoms and an acupuncture treatment. Moxibustion, healing creams and essential oils are going to be used if applicable and an extra fee for those services will be applied. An herbal formula, which will address a patient’s signs and symptoms, his /her unique body constitution and imbalances, is going to be created on an individual basis if necessary.  The cost of the herbal formula is not included in the follow-up visits. The price for a custom made formula vary from $40 to $55 depending on the ingredients.

If you have an insurance coverage, please, know that insurance companies do not cover moxibustion, cupping and acupressure in their in-network plans. If you are interested in these services, an extra fee is going to be applied for it. In-network plans cover acupuncture only!

The discounted service for children is $75(initial consultation) and $50(follow-up). Cash only service.
Facial Acupuncture Rejuvenation Treatment and Fees
Initial Treatment ($185):
The session includes a comprehensive review of your medical history according to the principles of Chinese Medicine.  Your signs and symptoms will be evaluated, your life style and dietary habits are going to be discussed. Your facial muscles tone and skin condition are going to be reviewed to establish your specific facial rejuvenation treatment protocol. The initial consultation fee includes the first treatment session. Facial Acupuncture Rejuvenation is not only a facial treatment but the whole body acupuncture renewal.
All Follow-up Visits ($165):

Each session consists of:
•   Consultation
•   Mild face exfoliation
•   Body acupuncture to correct overall imbalance in your body
•   Facial and ear (auricular) acupuncture
•   Facial acupressure and massage
•   Skin hydration using a nourishing cream and essential oils.
 Herbal and Dietary/Nutritional Consultations and Evaluations  
Initial Consultation ($125):

The session includes a  comprehensive review of your medical history according to the principles and diagnostic tools of Chinese Medicine.  A unique herbal formula is created during this session. The price of the formula is not included in the treatment. The price for a custom made formula vary from $40 to $55 depending on the ingredients. Supplements are going to be prescribed if necessary. Life style and diet are going to be discussed in details.

All Follow-up visits($85):
These visits are essential for those who take herbal formulas to resolve chronic conditions. Consistency in taking herbs to achieve a maximum result is very important. It will take some time for herbal formulas to resolve or improve a condition, if someone suffers from a chronic illness for many years.  We evaluate how an herbal formula affects the body during follow-up sessions and if it is necessary to modify or replace it with a new one to address changes in the body as a result of the herbal treatment.

Medical Astrology consultation with Chinese Medicine Consultation and Acupuncture treatment ($200):

Your health is going to be evaluated using ancient astrology wisdom and the art of Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture treatment is included in the session.
Wellness Coaching ($125)
For those who do not live in New York State or prefer online sessions, Yelena offers Wellness Coaching through Skype. The sessions are based on Daoist Chinese Medicine, Astrology and Ancient Wisdom. We are going to discuss your diet and lifestyle in depth. Analyzing your daily life, emotional and mental state, we will find the way how to reach balance and wellness.The herbal formula is going to be prescribed and mailed to you if necessary. The price for a custom made formula is $55. The shipping to your region will be added to the price of the formula.
Payment Options
Yelena accepts cash and credit card payments through PayPal. Credit card payments through Paypal are due before your treatment to hold your appointment.You can pay for your service on "Pay for services" page. If you need to cancel your appointment, please,do it 24 hours before your session. If you did not cancel your appointment on time or missed it, you will not be able to get a full refund. $60 cancellation fee will be deducted from your refund as a compensation for a practitioner's time and inability to accommodate other clients.

Yelena is an in-network provider with  Empire Blue Cross
 Blue Shield,Cigna, UnitedHealthcare and out-of-network provider with other insurance companies. For out-of-network plans, the payment is due at the time of appointment . We will prepare a special medical bill for you which will allow you to get reimbursement from your insurance company.

Cash Payment is required in-full at the time of a treatment. PayPal payments are required before the treatment.
                                   Cancellation Policy
Also, there is a 24-hour cancellation phone call policy. You will be asked to pay $60 cancellation fee if you cancel or reschedule in less than 24 hours of your appointment or missed your appointment. If you have a repetitive pattern of cancellation, a provider will not schedule appointments with you.
In addition, if you ordered a custom-made herbal formula, you are responsible for the price of it even in the event of an appointment cancellation. Please, understand that the formula is custom made just for you and cannot be re-sold to other patients.
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