Classical Chinese Daoist Medicine and Medical Astrology - Holistic Approach to Today’s Most Challenging Health Problems
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All payments are due before the session. It will allow us to focus on  healing during the session time.

                                Cancellation Policy
There is a 48-hour cancellation phone call policy. You will be asked to pay $60 cancellation fee if you cancel or reschedule in less than 48 hours of your appointment, or missed your appointment in the office or online. If you cancel or reschedule 2 times, a cancellation fee for previous cancelled appointments is required to continue with the treatments. If you have a repetitive pattern of cancellation, a provider will not schedule appointments with you.
Initial Acupuncture Consultation
Initial Acupuncture Consultation, includes acupuncture treatment-60 to 75 minutes
Price: $135.00
Acupuncture Session or Herbal Follow-up Consultation
Acupuncture session or occasional herbal consultation at Yelena Katsen, L.Ac.-55 to 60 minutes
Price: $95.00
Acupuncture session(discounted treatment plan)
Discounted fee based on
coming every week or every
other week after the initial treatment-55 to 60 minutes.
This is the option for those who are on the treatment plan only! Not for occasional treatments!
Price: $75.00
Herbal Consultation
Herbal Consultation at Yelena Katsen, L.Ac.-60 minutes
Price: $125.00
Custom-made Herbal Formula
Custom-made Herbal Formula at Yelena Katsen, L.Ac. For the clients who are treated in the office only!
Price: $45.00
Initial Facial Acupuncture Session
Facial Acupuncture Session at Yelena Katsen, L.Ac.-75-90 minutes
Price: $200.00
Facial Acupuncture Session (follow-up)
Follow-up facial acupuncture session (from 60-75 min)
Price: $165.00
Online Wellness Coaching
Online Wellness Coaching-60 to 75 minutes
Price: $125.00
Medical Astrology Consultation
This online session will include the evaluation of your constitution from Chinese Medicine and Astrology perspective. We will check how recent transits and progressions affect your health. Yelena will recommend healing modalities which will help you to restore balance and achieve wellness.
60 to 75 min
Price: $125.00
Astrology Consultation
Astrology Consultation-60 to 75 minutes
Price: $125.00
Initial Consultation without a treatment
This is the session for those who are not sure what treatment or
modality to choose and need a professional opinion. This is 30- minute session.
Price: $95.00
Co-Pay for Acupuncture Session covered by Insurance
Acupuncture session covered by Insurance
Price: $30.00
Co-Pay for Acupuncture Session
Acupuncture session covered by Insurance
Price: $36.50
Online wellness plan
A discounted wellness treatment
plan based on sessions every
other week(twice a month).Each session is $65. This plan can be established after the initial $125 online session
Price: $135.00
Online Wellness Consultation
Please, contact me before paying for the service. This is an
option for established clients only!
Price: $85.00
Cancellation or Missed Appointment fee
If you did not cancel your office
or online appointment within 48 hours, you pay a cancellation fee. It is a requirement before you will schedule your next appointment.
Price: $60.00

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