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   Classical Chinese Medicine, Astrology, Dreamwork

     Holistic Approach to Today’s Most Challenging Health Problems

Life Coaching Through Dreamwork

We're excited to offer dreamwork at our office!


Lev Krasnoselskiy

Life Coaching Through Dreamwork

“I grew up among books. They were everywhere in our Moscow apartment, and I had an easy access to hundreds of volumes. When I was little, I’d often pick a book that was rather strange for a little kid to read. One of such books was Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece by N.A. Kun. First published in 1914, since then the book became a classic. I was really drawn to the book and stories it was telling. Of course, I had no idea at that time that dreams often speak to us in a language of myths and fairy tales. But surly that was the beginning of my dream journey.”

“I come from a family of engineers. I was a math major in high school, and a computer science major in college. After college software development became my trade that I’ve been practicing for many years. However, about after ten years into my software development career, I felt that something was missing. I began exploring Yoga and transpersonal psychology. Psychology seminars with Dr. Stanislav Grof, Holotropic Breathwork sessions with psychotherapist Ted Riskin, were among many things that led me to a deeper understanding of human nature. Yet, there was still something else that I felt was really my calling.”

“I realized my what my calling was when my wife said that I should joining a group where dreams were discussed. See if I liked it or not. I did, reluctantly. I discovered during the first meeting of the group that all of the previous experiences – reading myths, getting and honing analytical skills as a software developer, Yoga and transpersonal psychology – were really meant to be used as a preparation and tools for working with dreams. I was instantly addicted to dream work.”

“I constantly study various modalities of working with dreams. I’ve taken classes and seminars with such dream experts as Robert Moss and Dr. Stephen Aizenstat. 

I've completed Dream Tending Certificate I  and Certificate II programs created by Dr. Aizenstat, which is ‘a groundbreaking program that taps into our Dream State through powerful applications to creativity and innovation.’ I am continuing with Dream Tending certificate programs to further expand my skillset. 

I hold Dream Teacher, Level I and Level II certificates from The Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming. 

I also believe in giving back to the dream community, and participate in a bi-weekly dream group organized by Gwynne Mayer, a psychotherapist with over fifty years of experience. I am one of the main contributors of dream analysis for the group members.”